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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Orange for Erin

My sister Erin purchased her first home with her dream guy about 18 months ago & is slowly piecing together her own design style. She is pretty lucky in that her dream guy, like mine, prefers his man cave that has recently been constructed in the back yard & only shows  enough interest in the home decor to appear as though he is paying attention

Malibu Architectural contemporary living room

Now after much star gazing in the land of blog & thru my extensive magazine collection ( I may suffer from a small magazine addiction) she has determined that orange is the colour that she is drawn to as well as a bit of turquoise.
Noe Valley Three contemporary kitchen

She also loves timber flooring & white joinery.
So her dream guy got to work & laid some lovely floating timber floors throughout all of the living areas, they painted the walls a very neutral beige & all of the architraves & skirting's white.
It looks awesome!!
Noe Valley Three contemporary living room

I love the chandelier against the orange feature wall in this image.

Now comes the time to add all of the decorator items & accents to give her home the personality she is looking for, which brings the dilemma of do you go for a feature wall......

Portland Pearl District Condo Living Room & Kitchen contemporary living room

or do you just use art & accessories, keeping the more expensive items neutral...
This art work makes a stunning feature in this lounge area

Portland Pearl District Condo contemporary living room

As you can see the art is used to connect the orange feature wall, helping the eye to comfortably peruse the room rather than being shocked by such a bold statement.You can also catch a glimpse of some orange chairs out side on the balcony, connecting the two areas.

Image via BHG
These  colours are perfect, but if you buy an orange lounge you really have to stick with that colour for a long time, unless of course you can afford to invest in a new lounge every couple of years...

or  perhaps even using drapes to add an accent

I do love this look, a feature wall, an accent chair & a few accessories, all other main areas, neutral. This would be affordable to change when you tire of this colour scheme

Once again very neutral, with lots of different textures, a very eclectic style that I don't think would date any time soon

This space looks rather calming & restful, don't you think?

Now for me, I am a bit  colour phobic, but I would love to see the rest of this room because I think I could easily enjoy this space.

What do you think, she will be on the hunt for a new lounge sometime later in the year, after her European vacation that is... yes that is a note of jealously you detect...I have NOOOO holiday plans anytime soon :0)
Should it be brown, or is brown on its way out?
Should it be grey as its a new trend, but a classic colour all the same?
Should there be feature walls or drapes???
Ah so many choices.. Good Luck little Sis, never fear I will be sure to help you spend some money, no matter what you choose!

Trish xxx

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