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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Top 8 tips to an organised wardrobe/closet

How does your wardrobe/closet look?
Can you find just what you're looking for in an instant, or do you have to rummage around for that favourite top?
I love organised spaces & really find it hard to focus when I'm surrounded by mess or clutter.I love to have storage solutions for every area in the house & my wardrobe is NO exception.
Not everyone has the option of a fabulous walk in robe or dressing room, BUT, we can all apply some simple systems to keep things organised.
Here are my top 8 tips:

1. Categorise your clothes by season, hang all T shirts together, then group long sleeve tops, create a pants section, evening dresses, pants,skirts,etc.I don't find packing away your winter articles in the summer particularly useful. Mother nature is unpredictable at times & you never know, if you may need to pull out that jumper mid summer, or you might strike a warm winters day from time to time. Now categorise these into colour groups e.g black T shirts, white Tshirts,Denim jeans, red dresses.

2. If you don't have designated shelves for shoes & little floor space within your wardrobe then purchase some cheap shoe racks from a local department store & categorise your shoes, first in colour groups & then in styles, eg all brown flip flops together,brown sandals, brown heels & so on. If you don't have enough room for your entire shoe collection ,grab some clear shoe storage boxes to store them in & store them elsewhere, perhaps under your bed.

3. If you like to keep other things in your wardrobe for personal storage then allocate storage boxes for theses items & label  them appropriately

4. The biggest rule to help avoid clutter is to have a regular CLEAN OUT. If you didn't wear it last season GET RID OF IT. If it didn't fit last season & it still doesn't, GET RID OF IT.... Donate these articles to charity, someone will really appreciate it.

5. Make a space for accessories, you can buy hangers specifically for belts & ties, making them easily accessed.

6. If you don't have the room for shelves to pop your handbags on, you can always hook the handles over the top of a hanger, several together on the one sturdy hanger. Once again grouping in colours. if this doesn't suit your space, try popping them into a labeled storage box.

7. I don't have a jewellery box, so I put sticky hooks on the door of my wardrobe & I hang necklaces & bracelets on them. This way they are on hand when I've chosen my outfit, making it easy to chose the perfect accessories. I have a small sheet of cardboard that I hole punched to hang on a sticky hook, I then stuck pin wholes thru it, to poke my earrings thru. That way they would be hanging right there with the matching necklace.

8.My final tip, when you have finished with something PUT IT AWAY!!!!

What a perfect set up

I would love a chandelier in my wardrobe, I also love the wallpaper

This looks almost like its protecting something precious, must be really nice clothes & shoes in here

This is how I would like my wardrobe to look in my dream house,I just have to break it to the dream guy...

OOH a chandelier, a beautiful chair & a rug, now this is a great space 

& this is the ultimate girls dream wardrobe

Its amazing how much time you save each day when your clothes are organised & you know exactly where things are. It also helps when you are shopping to update your wardrobe for the season, you can remember what you have so rather than accidentally doubling up on things you already own you are able to spend your hard earned cash on some fabulous new season pieces.

Do you love an organised space?
What sort of things do you do to keep your wardrobe tidy & uncluttered?

I do apologise for not giving credit for all of these great pics, I have been collecting inspiration for my home for some time now & hadn't even thought about being a blogger. Please let me know if you see something of yours so I can give credit.


Kristine at The Painted Hive said...

Hi Trish! Just followed you here through the comment you left me. I knew as soon as I saw your header you were from Oz too! I've just been reading through all of your posts and am excited to see how your dream house evolves. I must admit I am a bit of a neat freak. We have minimal storage in out tiny house so I make the most of our cupboard space by being ruthless with what we 'actually' need. Although apparently hubby does need roller blades, a surfboard, twelve tennis rackets and an archery bow he never uses!
So happy to meet you.

bagel82 said...

Oh Trishy! You've just made me want to go home and turn my whole bedroom into one of those fabulous wardrobes!! I think I'll have to settle for just reorganising my current wardrobe....

Thanks for the fab tips. Let me know how your "dream guy" handles your wardrobe ideas and then I might break these ideas to mine... haha


Anonymous said...

Hi Trish! great blog. Love the organise the closet tips. You will be pleased to know that its been over a month and my daughter still has her wardrobe looking organised. You did a great job. I will be needing your skills again shortly to REVAMP AND DECLUTTER another room at my place. I still smile when I go into each finished room that you have done. My life is so very hectic and so are my teenagers lives that we just exist with how things are in the house but having you come over and show ideas and rearrange furniture and add a little cushion or colour makes the place feel like a whole new room. thanks! one of your best customers!! KT

Dianne Grover said...

Thank you for all these tips. I really have some organization issues and this post have certainly provided me a head start. I am absolutely going to do some cleaning and makeover for my closet this weekend. Many will appreciate this especially those who are thinking of having closets Bergen built for their living spaces as well. Thank you for this inspiration. By the way, those dressing rooms in your post are fabulous.

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