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Monday, May 24, 2010

My reading Nook

My Reading Nook

The art is a couple of max Mannix prints, he is my dream guy's favourite artist, he is also an Aussie artist.

I thought I would give everyone a peek into my home. We are only renting this house & its a little smaller than we are used to.  A lot of our things are in storage, ready for when we build. Unfortunately we have already lived here longer than I imagined we would & although the concept plan  for our house is being drawn up by an architect at the moment, I'm sure we are still months away from any construction. My little home drawings that I did with my ruler & pencil don't really qualify as usable, but they do give the architect the general idea( I'm sure he had a little giggle at my total lack of drawing ability)

My little table scape, I can't wait until I have my own place so I can invest in some bits & pieces to improve my table scape's, Ive been learning alot in this department from some of my favourite bloggers.

I have a small home magazine obsession, in fact under the table is 3 sea grass baskets choc full of my favorite house mags.

I love the texture of these bits & pieces.

I love to sit here in the morning & have my coffee whilst the family sleep. AAAAHHHH the serenity!!!

Do you have a favourite place to sit & read?

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