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Sunday, May 30, 2010

My First Blog Award!!!!!

Thank You Kym At Kyandra Rose for honouring me with my FIRST ever Blog Award... I was beside myself with excitement!!!
It has made me feel like I am a real  blogger...Yipee!!!!
Thank You Kym for making my day & being such a fabulous support, its great to know someone with so much talent is enjoying my blog!!!!

Kym has a beautiful blog with some very inspirational decorating ideas, she also shares my clock addiction!!!Kym  manages to do all these amazing things whilst working as a teacher & being a mum, I think that is impressive.
 I am a SAHM & write my blog because I was looking for a challenge & I wanted to have something to do, other than just being a housewife & mum. I couldn't imagine trying to fit in a full time job. 
I take my hat off to all you clever people that work & blog...

Now the award rules are that I have to list seven things about me
So here goes:
1. I have 4 children, 3 girls & 1 boy & they bring me a huge amount of joy, but like all mums cause me the most worries in life as well.

2. My husband is by far the most inspiring & motivating person in my life.

3. My sister Erin is definitely my biggest supporter in EVERYTHING I do & is also my partner in Design crime... I cant live without her ( she is also my partner in wine crime, LOL)

4. Teaching my teenage daughter to drive is by far the most challenging & terrifying task I have ever  had to undertake.

5. It makes me crazy if someone sits on my bed after I make it, I love to see a beautifully made bed decorated with lost of fabulous pillows!!!

6.I love an organised home with lots of storage.

& lucky No. 7
I have been so inspired by the talent I have come across since I started reading so many amazing blogs, that I now have very huge aspirations to refurbish, upholster & paint things, rather than purchase everything brand new.
 For this I say THANK YOU!!!!

The second Privilege is that I get to Pass this honour onto 15 other Fabulous Blogs.
Here is who I have chosen

So if you haven't already been visiting any of these blogs you should drop on over & check them out. Some are about design, some about life, some put a smile on your face, BUT, all of them are written by incredibly inspirational & clever people.
Than You again Kym

Trish xxx
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