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Friday, May 28, 2010

Serious addiction update

Hi, My names Trish & I am still a blog addict.....BUT.... I have been working on beating toning down my addiction.
I did a post last week entailing a 5 step plan to help manage my days as a blogger, so I would have a more functional life.
 If you missed it you can read it here

Well I have made definite improvements.
I did make To Do lists & checked them off, some days I was unable to complete them due to a change of plans.
Dan Marty Designs

Time management is the key!!!
Another skill I must get back in touch with, LOL!!!

I have only exercised 3 times, so I wasn't to pleased about that. I am looking into a gym membership, so someone else can get me moving.

I have ensured all of the daily tasks are complete before turning on my laptop, although this
morning I have broken this rule. My husband had an early start to his work day(4.30am) & in true man style he was as quiet as a baby elephant, therefore, I had an early start. I was unable to get back to sleep. I was however lucky to capture a couple of snaps of the beautiful sky as the sun was rising.

I have taken these with my little pocket camera, I'm no fab photographer but I still think they capture the beauty.

The colours are amazing.

After several days of rain I think we are going to get a fabulous day, Thank You Mother Nature!!!

Oh that's right, time management, I better get back on track, back to that 5 step plan...

I have managed to produce MUCH nicer meals, this week, as well as bake a few yummy treats....Go me!!!

I did visit my parents & a girlfriend & we are off to a BBQ on Saturday.Yay...I am social in the real world again.
So in conclusion, I AM improving, BUT, still need  to do more work!!!

How about you, did you get your blogging addiction under control, or at least partially?
Did you come up with a plan that works for you, or where you able to follow mine??

Have a wonderful weekend everyone
Trish xxx

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