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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bathroom Niche...Take 2

This is my second attempt at this post, unfortunately the first time around I didn't have any pictures, just HTML.
Sorry if you previously popped in for some eye candy & all you got was text...I have no clue as to why this of life's little mysteries I suppose.
Unfortunately I only ended up with one pretty picture after all of that, lucky its fabulous!!!

I love the thought of a niche set into the bathroom wall to make way for some shelving. I think its a great way to soften the room.
If you re a neutral colour scheme kind of decorator  like myself, then a set of glass shelves is a great place to create a vignette, adding a pop of colour or added textural elements to the room, that is changeable whenever the restyling urge strikes.
You do experience these urges, don't you?
Ha....of course you do!!!!
Love love love it!!!
Now I love how these are accessorized, I imagine it would have a nice little inconspicuous light installed to highlight things in the evening.
Now I just have to convince the dream guy, you know, the one that will actually be doing the building, that it is worth his manpower to actually add this into the bathroom.
I can see I will be pushing the friendship A LOT in this house building process!!!

Trish xxx

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