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Monday, September 12, 2011

New blogger in the family

Happy Monday everyone!
Today I have the pleasure to introduce a new blogger into this ever so friendly blogging community.
Now I am biased as this fabulous new blog has been created by MY little sister Ez(Erin)

This pic is about 2yrs old( don't tell anyone, but she is 11yrs younger than me, so I get to relive my younger years thru her, she is a social butterfly)

Now Ez has been a blog stalker since the day I wrote my first post & has been following many of you this entire time, admiring your talent & enjoying your story We have enjoyed many a glass of wine whilst discussing the hundreds of blogs we follow. I don't know how many times we have said to one another "did you see such & such's post today" LOL, you all know how it goes.

That giant behind her is her fiance, he does have a face!!

Well all of that blog snooping is contagious, so here she is, with her very own blog, telling her very own story & sharing life, as she lives it!!

So drop by & say a quick Hi to my gorgeous sister/best friend & follow her story as she plans a wedding, renovates & decorates her home & enjoys her last year in her twenties.There will be parties, fashion, fitness, oh, did I mention parties & a wedding!
Perhaps you will be like me & want to chat with her EVERY day. We talk on the phone, we text & we email pretty much everyday. My dream guy is astounded that we NEVER run out of things to talk about, he he he!!
 You will be guaranteed to fall in love with her, she really is rather charming!

Trish xx

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