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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Another step forward

We have made another exciting step forward & have finally been able to submit a development application to our local council & are now eagerly awaiting for approval to build.
This step could take a few weeks OR a few months depending on their work load & this area is currently experiencing a housing boom, so we don't envision that it will be a speedy process!!!

This is an old photo & those shipping containers are no longer there, but basically in the middle of this lovely green patch of grass is where the dream house will go!

These are the sketches of the exterior, the first one is the back of the house the second one is the front & then each side.A little on the small side for decent viewing, I know!!

This  is the front  of our house, in the centre the door on the left is our  entrance & the door on the right is a set of french doors into the formal lounge, there is a blank section of wall between the two that we don't feel is quite right but couldn't find any way around it. We wanted the windows and doors to not sit behind veranda posts. The three posts in the centre section are very large as they support a lot of weight. We will have to put some sort of feature there, like a seat and a nice plant, or something, any  suggestions greatly appreciated!

This is the back view
Im not sure if you can see, but only two thirds of the house are double story as it is a sloping block, although the veranda on the left side is still reasonably high.

This is the upstairs floor plan.
We have 3 bedrooms on the left side, 2 bedrooms on the right & living ares in the middle with a large alfresco area off the back.

This is the downstairs area, it is only the garage & one large room with a toilet in the corner . It opens onto a large veranda that sits directly under the upstairs alfresco.

Our plans where done by a  guy named Neil Finney & he was really fantastic to deal with. Having recently designed & built his own home, he definitely knows the process of being an owner builder well. Neil has been very helpful with his advice & although we actually designed our own floor plan, he was able to tweak it & offer up a few ideas to make things more efficient or less costly to build, which was great!!

If you are planning a house in the Newcastle, Hunter Valley area of Australia then I would highly recommend you look him up.

0403 392 484

Let me know what you think !

Trish xxx 

P.S I do apologise if some of these plans are a little hard to read, I had to scan them to get them to upload to blogger. I will do close up veiws of some of the rooms as we progress as I will be needing some advice along the way & who better to ask them my clever & oh so stylish bloggy friends!!!
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