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Friday, July 16, 2010

A new Weightloss blog!

I have decided to begin a second blog...Crazy I know, blogging has become a time consuming obsession for me, but I have a personal challenge to meet & I know there are lots of fellow bloggers with weight loss & fitness goals they would like to achieve, but just don't know where to begin!
If you would like to learn a little about fitness & nutrition then pop by for a look.
If you want to join me on my journey please do its all FREE!!
Every Tuesday I will be posting my results & you are welcome to do the same...its all about having someone to make you accountable for reaching your goals!
I will help you work out your healthy body weight & make the right changes for a healthy lifestyle!
Its not a DIET, its a healthy LIFESTYLE!

Please drop on by & add any suggestions on how I can make this a fantastic & motivational blog. Leave some questions in the comments & I will use them to create posts about the things you would like to know!!!

Trish xxx


Erin said...

I've already had a look and love it!

I highly recommend everybody has a snoop! Trish may have let her "credentials" lapse but she really knows her stuff and is very helpful, knowledgeable and motivational (and sometimes a little cruel in the gym I might add! ;-) ). x

Life in the Country Lane said...

How exciting!! Have always been into fitness - just not enough of it. As I get older things have changed dramatically as far as how your body reacts. Motivation is key..Off to have a look now.
Cheers Rebecca x

Christine said...

Good on you Trish! I will definitely head over for a look. I am all for healthy lifestyles, not diets!

theoldboathouse said...

Hi Trish....oh you are calling me...I so want to loose weight, i have doubled in size since getting married...not an exageration lol, will check it out, cheers Katherine

geof said...

A dream of healthy weight loss has come true with the help of this post...!!!Its fantastic!! healthy weight loss

CherylT said...

You will be quite the busy beaver with this. I'm rooting for you to take off the weight.

Paper Tree Design said...

What a fantastic idea Trish. You are going to be one busy lady but I suspect the blog will really help you reach your goal - along with many others out there. I for one need the fitness side of things, fitting a walk into my day is just not happening at the moment. I definitely need some motivation! Heading over to check it out now. Have a great weekend. Michelle

smentha said...

A real-life story on how weight loss helps to fit into your favorite sexy bikini can be accessed right at our weight loss blog.

MrsKT said...

Trish, boy does this bring back the memories!! It seems like a lifetime ago that you helped on my road to a healthier lifestyle. I must admit it has gone by the wayside a little these days, as you probably have guessed with all my cakes. I will follow your new blog and you may even get me motivated enough to join you in getting back my healthier lifestyle :)

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