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Friday, July 16, 2010

A new Weightloss blog!

I have decided to begin a second blog...Crazy I know, blogging has become a time consuming obsession for me, but I have a personal challenge to meet & I know there are lots of fellow bloggers with weight loss & fitness goals they would like to achieve, but just don't know where to begin!
If you would like to learn a little about fitness & nutrition then pop by for a look.
If you want to join me on my journey please do its all FREE!!
Every Tuesday I will be posting my results & you are welcome to do the same...its all about having someone to make you accountable for reaching your goals!
I will help you work out your healthy body weight & make the right changes for a healthy lifestyle!
Its not a DIET, its a healthy LIFESTYLE!

Please drop on by & add any suggestions on how I can make this a fantastic & motivational blog. Leave some questions in the comments & I will use them to create posts about the things you would like to know!!!

Trish xxx

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