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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dining Dilema

I was in one of my favourite stores on the weekend, 1825 interiors. & I fell in love with this gorgeous chair.
I have been walking around scratching my head, trying to work out how & where I could fit this into my dream home .
Alexander Chair $249.00
They also have another similar chair with a more open style weave called a "Löve" chair & its in a darker, richer brown,  but I couldn't find a picture of it!

Then I purchased my all time favourite mag "Home Beautiful", & there it was...the perfect inspiration pic!!!

For me this house just says it all, they have the same colour scheme I have chosen for my dream house, inside & out, the same style of kitchen I am opting to have installed. You just have to adore Shaker style cabinets & subway tiles in a kitchen ,& there they are, those lovely chairs flanking the family dinner table.
Perhaps its destiny!!!!

I am having tile floors rather than timber, thanks to the evil budget, but I'm sure tiles will look fantastic.

Now I will apologize for the quality of my photography, but this is my current table,it seats eight & I think it would be nice with 3 Alexander chairs each side.The table is about 6yrs old & in great shape, I really love it, so, wont be replacing it anytime soon.

Every where you go timber furniture has a different name for the stain, but I guess it is close to a maple stain...

I have wanted to change out these chairs for a while, but never knew what style I was looking for. There is also the budget factor, how do you convince your dream guy that you would like to replace these perfectly good, "matching chairs", with something new, he would much rather buy a boat.... & don't forget the kid factor, they do drop food on these chairs everyday!

Does anyone have chairs like this at the family dinner table & do they stand up to the wear & tear of children?
I guess the most important question is...

Would they look okay with my table?

Please , my stylish friends, what do you think, should I add these babies to my ever growing wish list, I would of course throw in a few matching baskets to link the style of the chairs to the rest of the room...
Some style advice PLEEEEASE !!

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