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Monday, October 13, 2014

A SERIOUS scented soy candle addiction !

I kid you not!!!
I am seriously addicted to scented soy wax candles....
There's no harm in that...right.
Well technically there's no harm as they are non toxic & scented with essential oils which are fantastic for the mind & senses.
 The only harm is to my wallet, ha ha ha!

Seen as though I loved them so much I decided to stock them in my store but its a real struggle to not just burn them all myself.
Oh the greed!!!!!

They all look pretty &  smell so incredible.
I find there is nothing more relaxing than lighting a candle & making a nice cup of tea or enjoying a glass of wine in the evening.
My kids really love the smell of a scented candle burning in the house as well & because soy wax is a soft wax it has a lower burn temperature which means it is highly unlikely to scald  or burn any one if it were to be spilled

I had a fantastic time creating my little photo shoot & styling them with things from my garden, now to work more on learning how to edit them nicely!!

We have these beautiful antique jars in 5 different scents & 3 different sizes.
Small - 15 hour burn time - $10ea
Medium - 40 hour burn time - $20ea
Large - 60 Hour Burn time - $30 ea

They are all hand poured in the Currumbin Valley, QLD using 100% Soy wax.
So they are not mixed with any other waxes.
This also means they are less likely to affect people that suffer with allergies.They  don't contain any of the cancer causing chemicals found in the waxes derived from crude oils.
Using 100% cotton wicks which are lead free & matched perfectly to the candle size  prevents tunneling of blackening of the jar.

This is how evenly our Dream House Candles burn, which means there isn't any waste at the end.

Unlike this candle I had been using previously, its created a well & has lots of blackening on the wax & the sides of the jar. I find there is so much waste on these ones as one entire side doesn't burn & lets face it, we expect to get the entire burn time out of our candles. That is what we are paying for.

Did you know you need to nip the top off the wick before you light  your candle  each time. 
By keeping it no longer than about 5mm you maximise the burn time & prevent any soot forming,keeping your candle looking nice. 

These incredible Tapestry bowl candles have a whopping 160 hours burn time.
They are pretty large with 4 wicks.
They are priced at $80 ea
I love that the vessels are fully re usable after the candle is finished, as these bowls would make fabulous little trinket dishes.

The tapestry bowls come in 3 different colours, Black, Green & Violet & each one has a different scent.

The Verona Candles are even prettier in real life.
We have them in Black & Clear & each one comes in two scents
'Bliss' or 'Harmony'
They have a burn time of approximately 47 hours & retail for $25 ea.

So are you as addicted to scented candles as I am & are you using nice healthy, non toxic 100% soy candles?

All of our candles are handmade especially for us, making them a little unique.
They  come packaged beautifully, so make a wonderful gift.
Pop on over to our store & stock up on some of our lovely candles, before I use them all myself & my dream guy has a melt down....pardon the pun!!!

Trish xx

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