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Monday, October 20, 2014

A corner of my home

I am slowly getting together some photo's of my home in its current state. I would like to have a good record of the changes we make  & also to create a great 'House Tour' here on my blog.
I figured I would start at the front & work my way through.
Its a given that the entire house will get a new coat of paint but those colour decisions will be for a another day.

This is where I start & end my day.In my 'peaceful' room.
I call it this as there is no television in here. so the kids have no interest in hanging out.
This also means it stays tidy.
When your a mother of 4 a permanently  tidy room always brings great joy!!! 

Its a beautiful sunny room & a great place for my morning cuppa & equally as inviting to burn a candle & have a glass of wine in the evening.

I love picking fresh flowers from my garden to have in here.
I think this table could do with a piece of coral & a smaller candle.
The photo is one of my absolute favourites  of my two eldest girls when they were very small, it makes me smile every time I see it!

I haven't purchased anything new for this room, except for the clock & tapestry candle, both from my store of course & not specifically for this room, more because I loved them. All of my furniture would you believe has sat in storage for the last 5 years, so it feels kind of new.

I am planning some new cushions to dress the place up & give it a mini make over as these cushions are also 5 years old. 

The walls in here are still bare & screaming out for some art work, especially seen as though the hooks from the previous owners are still in the walls, he he he!
It really needs some extra layers to make it feel finished as well. I think I might make a small gallery style wall with some smaller clocks with the large one I already have. The chairs are quite low backed & the ceilings are very high so I need some different height pieces to help the eye flow comfortably around the room.
You need to create a mix of high, medium & low pieces to achieve that flow.

Once I have the cushion situation sorted out, which will determine my accent colour I will then decide what to hang on the walls.I have several ideas but I am struggling to make a decision. At this stage it is very monotone but I would like to soften things by adding another colour in a medium tone/depth, which is what I have tried to do with the warm greys. I would like to replace most of the solid colour cushions with something a little softer & introduce some pattern for a little more interest.
It currently feels & looks incredibly boring.

It is open to the formal dining area so these two spaces will need to work together.
There is only room for smaller art pieces as there are two walls with a window each & the other two walls have door ways.
It was actually very challenging getting the furniture placement right, especially when the chairs are more of a one & a half seater. The room we previously had them in was much larger & they worked well there. It's not in my budget any time in the near future to replace them so I need to make them work.

I would like to update the pendant lights but I really cant decide what I would like, once again it has to work with the dining area.
Perhaps a floor lamp rather than or as well as the current table lamp to help create a step in the heights of my furniture pieces. 
I am looking forward to getting a few interesting decor items to create a nicer vignettes on the  side tables.

This current side table isn't staying here I just needed a little something for the space, so used this one that we had, it normally lives in the living area.
Its actually to large for the space, I think something round would be nice here.

My wish list for this space :
Light fitting
 Coffee table
Side table
Floor lamp
Decor items

I will most likely be asking for your advice &/or opinions on these ideas as I go along.
It will all happen at a snails pace, but that's OK, I think a room always looks nicer if it evolves over time rather than  creating it over night.
Now I am off to Pinterest to analyse exactly what it is that I love about my favourite inspiration rooms.

Do you have a peaceful room or even a little nook to have some quiet time?

Trish xx

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