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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

RIP fur baby Rex'

 So today has been an extremely sad day for our family.
We have had to say goodbye to our big dog.
He & his little partner in crime had somehow managed to escape our back yard & he darted across the road to another dog & was hit by a 4wd.
We live in a very quiet street but they had diverted traffic from the main road down our street so they could do some road works & it was like a highway.
Our non road savvy dog chose the wrong day to get up to mischief that's for sure.

We heard the accident & ran out the front of our house to see what happened, not expecting for a minute to see our dog out there.
It was a rather shocking & confronting situation for our kids to have experienced.
The lady that hit him has been so lovely & thoughtful even though it wasn't her fault, thankfully there was no damage to her car.

Rex was a bull mastiff X great dane & whilst he started as a pint sized pup he rapidly grew into an almost 50kg gentle giant.

He used to look tiny next to our beagle....

My how that changed.....

His absolute favourite place was riding on my Dream guys ute

Rex felt the kids trampoline was the perfect bed....

He was a gentle giant that loved a game & bounced around like a gazelle when he was happy.

There is nothing more heart breaking then telling your children their beloved pet didn't make it & it was so so sad seeing them sit down & cuddle our little beagle & tell him the sad news.

This big guy is going to be sadly missed, especially by his little mate that is sitting & howling by the gate as I type this post.

Farewell Rex RIP big guy xoxox

Trish xx

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