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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fabulous floor tiles

When we eventually build the dream house we will most likely be having tile floors, I really would like timber, but it works out more expensive than tiles....depending on the tile you use of course!

source Flutter Flutter

I love the colour & the pattern they have used to lay these tiles, but I am guessing they are probably travertine, which is also out of my budget.....

Source Greige

I'm sure I will be able to find something that looks similar in either porcelain or ceramic.I know I will definitely be able to achieve the look colour wise with something less expensive.

Source Conspicuous Style

But then I guess I will be pushing the labour costs up by going for a more technical lay out,but it is certainly worth looking into.

It really is challenging trying to create the look you love with a budget, I appear to always be drawn to the most expensive things.
When the dream guy & I go looking at house things the conversation usually goes like this...
Me " Ooh I like that!"
Dream guy "Of course you do, its the dearest one there!"

What can I say... Lucky dreaming is free!!!

So, do you have any fabulous advice for me on floor tiling, its always greatly appreciated.

Trish xxx

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