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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

DIY coffee table inspiration

Source Kyandra Rose

Who would have thought the old shipping pallet would make such a fabulous decor item...

A very simple concept & definitely a great DIY project if you wanted one of these....

Source Bodie & Fou

Pity I don't have a place for one, it would be the cheapest coffee table on the planet, mind you the dream guy would think I have gone totally nuts, for sure.
We never do see eye to eye on these decorating ideas.
Only because he has NOOOOOO style...sshhh....don't tell him I said that!!!!

Source Flutter Flutter
Dream child No1 will be moving out into a house with friends in the new year, I think this is just the ticket for her & she would luuuurrrrve it!!!

What do you think of the pallet coffee table, YAY or NAY?

Trish xxx


Laura said...

some great examples you have found trish! I quite like them, especially the one with the class on the top... My husband wouldnt be too impressed with it though, i think it would disappear next time there was a council collection!!!
laura xx

Belle Inspirations said...

Definately yah! and then some, Love it! Have a lovely week xx

B is building a house said...

So unique! It's a yay from me! :)


Anna White said...

love it..and have had it on the Looooong list of DIY jobs for hubby, but havent ever seen it with the glass top..looks fab x

Ange said...

A definite yay from me Trish. Love it!!

Geordie said...

I like it alot mum and i do need a coffee table:D

Melinda said...

Perfect for a country retreat or cottage.

lisa mae said...

hello hello.....i'm a yay, i love pallets you can use them for so much, feels like forever since i've seen you around smooch lisa xx

simmone said...

Yay to pallet coffee tables, we couldn't have one though,our rooms need petite furniture,lol.

Viera said...

how clever.

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