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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Time is running away

These photo's of my dogs really have nothing to do with this post, they're are just cute & whats a post without a pic...
I have recently started a NEW second job, I still work one or two days a week at the hairdressing salon, but I have also picked up another job working two or three days a week as a new home guide with
I get to be that lovely smiling lady that greets you when you go to look thru a display home.

Life has certainly gotten a little more hectic at home which I don't mind, I just need to get into a new routine so I can fit in all of the fun stuff, you know, like
I have also been a bit slack on keeping up with my photography & exercise, but once the dust settles & I get definite workdays sorted out, I will be much more consistent about these things.

I hope to catch up with everyone more often from here on in!

Any tips on how to juggle it all successfully would certainly be appreciated, how do you manage motherhood, housework & a career & still make time for the things you love?

Have a fantastic week bloggers!!

Trish xxx
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