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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Inspirational Entertaining Designs

We have an open plan kitchen, meals, living area in the dream house.
I have been seeking inspiration as well as drawing up a few sketches to try & make the whole TV & computer nook fit nicely into the decor without being to much of an eyesore.

Normally I would just shove the computers off into another room keeping it all out of view, but because we have young children  & they learn to be so technology savvy through school these days, I really want the computer to be where I am able some form of watchful eye peeking over their shoulder reguarly, so the main living space it is!!!

I think if the joinery is the same style as the kitchen & there are plenty of doors to hide the unattractive but necessary stuff ,as well as some open shelving to create a few vignettes , adding some style, I might just get away with it....
That is if I can NAG teach my kids to keep things tidy!!!

I love this idea from BDG style, simple yet stylish, dont you think?

Not to mention that the colour scheme is also right up my alley.

Do you have any fabulous suggestions or ideas from your own home you can share with me?

Trish xxx

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