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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Blue for a cure

On the 30th of March 2012 the beautiful dream child No 4 is going to participate in one of Australia's greatest fundraisers
In case you haven't heard about it,
 The worlds greatest Shave is where people gain sponsorship to either shave, wax or colour their hair to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation, to help with their ongoing support of people with blood cancer.
My fabulous daughter is going to colour her gorgeous long locks

I don't appear to have a pic to show you just how long her hair has gotten, but as you can see it is very dark  & in order to go bright blue it will need to be bleached right up to BLONDE....eek!!!
You can see some tiny snippets of blue foiled into her fringe in this pic, but her hair will become brighter than that all over her head.
I'm very proud of her for joining in on such a fantastic cause!!
If anyone is interested in sponsoring her  all you need to do is pop by
Your support will be greatly appreciated!
She is hoping to raise a minimum of $1000
I'm not actually doing her hair as she lives 4 hours away but a family friend who is also a hairdresser is undertaking this humongous colour task. Geordie or dream child No 4 as you all know her has about 3 times the amount of hair compared to the average person, its super thick & reasonably long, although I imagine a lot of it will need to be cut off after such radical bleaching session.
As they say on TV
 " Don't try this at home folks!"
If your natural hair colour is only 2 shades off being black, you are not meant to be blonde or blue for that matter!!! 
I will keep you posted on how she goes & of course some lovely photo's of the end result.
Have you ever shaved or coloured your hair in the name of fundraising?
Trish xxx
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