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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

News Update

So much to tell & its all good!!!

The local council have approved our development application to build our house

Now we just need to sell a house to raise some cash...I am sending many positive sale thoughts into the universe, hopefully some good news on that front soon!

My little guy turned 9 last week. We had a great pool party as well as a few games of Laser Tag.
I completely forgot to take photos of the yummy treats & this was all that was left of the cake. This is a wheat free, dairy free butter cake with vienna cream frosting. It was a huge hit. I also made jelly cups with 4 different coloured layers & they looked fantastic. I wish I had taken a few pics, oh well!!!

We got into the spirit of Halloween, only after my kids guilted me into it.

These 3 terrors had a blast, my sons friend just had everyone in hysterics. Nobody expects to see a 9yr old boy in pink fairy wings & a tutu. He is a real hoot, this kid, our whole family just loves him to death, tutu & all!!!

I recently did a post about dream child No1 graduating from high school & her plans for the future. You can read about it here if you missed it & I am leaving you confused.
She went for a portfolio interview at Billie Blue Design College & has been accepted to study a Bachelor of design in branded fashion. She is still in the running for their scholarship, she now needs to submit a second lot of her work & wait for the final result.
Fingers & toes crossed she wins the scholarship!!!
She is really excited for this opportunity & has decided this will definitely be the path she follows.
I have still have more news but I think I will save that for another post, I don't want to bombard you with useless tidbits of my life.
Do you have those times where life just feels great?
I hope everyone is having a fantastic week :))
Trish xxx

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