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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Spaces to love

I have had these images saved to my drafts for a while now & thought I should share them with you.
Prepare yourself for some divine eye candy!!!!

Decor by Jennifer Inc living room

I am seriously loving this look. I am hoping we can afford to put timber floors in the dream house & then I will work towards talking the dream guy into painting the internal doors black, I don't like my chances though, its a little to out of the ordinary for him I think!!!
Decor by Jennifer Inc closet

Is this the most incredible wardrobe you have ever seen? I love the mirror doors...

City Kitchen Remodel contemporary kitchen

A beautiful room with a tranquil view...

Cottage Chic Family Room traditional family room

There are those black doors again, not to mention that stunning wing chair, don't you just love it?

Stair / Nook Space traditional staircase

and here we have a great little study nook atop a very lovely stair case...
& do I spy another black door?
Gast Architects: Projects traditional entry

Gast Architects: Projects traditional exterior

Whats not to love?
I especially fancy those stone walls...

Gast Architects: Projects traditional living room

The same stone repeated on the fireplace...I am all for continuity,
inside & out

Kitchen contemporary kitchen

As you may know I am a little obsessed with white kitchens so it would be NO surprise to see one in this post.
Isn't she pretty!!!
Kitchen contemporary kitchen

San Francisco Kitchen & Bath traditional bathroom

I'm just going to put my feet up here on this little window seat & dream for a while, the kids will never think to look for me here..
He He He !!!

Which one was you favourite?
Now I know the beautiful wardrobe/closet is naturally every ones first choice, especially if it came full of designer clothes, bags & shoes,
I will let you have a second choice....
Oh & what do you think of the black doors, have you, or would you, be daring enough to paint your doors black?

Have a tremendous week everyone!!

Trish xxx


Jenny said...

Thanks for the lovely eye candy Trish. I happen to love the idea of black doors also. :-)

The Decorating Emporium said...

Hahahaha, I really and truly am in love with that wardrobe!!! How did you know?

My second choice would be the stone fireplace. Sitting here dreaming...

As for the black doors, I am too non-committal and would be in big trouble if I changed my mind too quickly and wanted them all re-painted. Painting doors is my most hated renovating task, so I'd have to say no, from the practicality perspective. But as a feature - sure thing!

Back to dreaming...

Unknown said...

All the photos are lovely.
I have painted a front door black just a few weeks ago and I love it.
Cheers Kylie

Beautiful House said...

Hi Trish, I was unprepared for such beautiful rooms, I cannot choose, I love and want them all. A black front door is very elegant, have a fabulous week.x

Melinda said...

It's too hard to pick just one, they are all stunning. I love the kitchens and the exterior shots the most. Adding to my files asap. Gorgeous.

Laura said...

all so lovely trish!! i am definently loving the black doors actually!! i dont think i would ever have thought to paint internal doors black, but they look great!
laura xxx

simmone said...

Lovely fresh pics!

Special 'K' said...

What a beautiful blog you have created here I adore the pictures. Thanks for sharing I have enjoyed my visit so much I will follow on my way out so I know the path back next time I visit. I hope you can spare a moment to come see me over at my place and do the same. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

jodie said...

I LOVE black doors! I've done them in clients' houses and they look great! I am still working on the Mr to paint ours black. I also love the stone fireplace.. stone anything wins me over every time!

Brooke said...

You just can't beat a home with beautiful architectural features - great architraves, cornicing and ceilings. And a big YES for black doors!

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