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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Alfresco Dining

Here in Australia we really do have great weather for outdoor dining & a fabulous alfresco area really is a must for our dream house.
I have been on the hunt for some images to show my dream guy just what I would like to do with our alfresco area.

Wittman Deck traditional porch
Logans Hammer Building & renovating from Seattle, USA
had just what I was looking for...

Wittman Deck traditional porch

Although I would like that timber ceiling & hand rails painted white
I do love the stone fireplace surround. It would be great to have an outdoor kitchen like this , but I think something a little less extravagant will be more in our budget. A cupboard with some bench space & a built in BBQ would do the trick, don't you think?
 My dream guy likes the look of stack stone used in home decor, whether it is indoors, part of the facade or even used in the landscaping, this would give him the opportunity to use that product within our house design.

Wittman Deck traditional porch

This outdoor kitchen actually has a built in fridge, freezer & sink, not to mention a flat screen tv!
I don't know, I love to escape the tv, not have it follow me outside!!!

Wittman Deck traditional porch

We will definately be having a ceiling fan as they actually keep the fly's away. You can pop your food on the table & not worry that it will be covered in flys before you blink your eyes!!!

Wittman Deck traditional porch

I'm seeing a lot of images with curtains on the outdoor area, but I don't think that is something I will use in my Alfresco design!

Have you got a fabulous outdoor dining space to enjoy & does it have a fireplace to extend its use into the chillier months?

 Trish xxx
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