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Saturday, May 7, 2011

A little shoe storage

This is a post for my younger sister Erin, who always inspires & encourages me to follow all of my dreams & goals no matter how big or small!
Sometimes its even just buying a new pair of jeans Ive fallen in love with, even though we only went for coffee, OOPS!

Erin has a real LUUUURVE for shoes....

In fact I think she will find a pair of nude coloured stiletto's we searched for today in this very shoe closet.

& here is a little closet I had built for her, its ready to fill with wonderful shoes & fabulous jackets, in fact I have one ready for you all.....LOL ...I sound like Oprah giving away some of my favourite things as gifts!!!

Enjoy Ez

Happy mothers day to all the mummy bloggers & happy Sunday to everyone else!!
Happy mothers day to my mum, my other sister Deb & sister inlaw Jaime xxx

Trish xxx

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