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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I missed my 1st Blogiversary

I cant believe it....
I actually missed the 1st anniversary of my blog, my obsession, my link to the inspiring world!

I guess time flies when your having fun!!

I started this little blog on May 6th 2010, with no clue as to how addicted to blogging I would become.
I now have an incredibly lovely 175 followers, who I appreciate & treasure.
Your support & encouragement has been wonderful, I look forward to reading any comments that you have time to leave & I love looking at my stats to see lots of others have dropped by to read my rambling!!!

Image via Decorpad

Then there are the blogs I follow myself, HUNDREDS, actually.
I sometimes find it difficult to stop reading long enough to write my own posts!
So many beautiful images, fabulous make overs, tutorials, family adventures, weddings,divorces, parties & babies born.
I have laughed for some & cried for others & layed awake at night worrying & wishing I could solve a total strangers woes...crazy stuff really!
I guess that is what blogging becomes, a world where the people you meet are caring, thoughtful & supportive...even though we really are strangers, we are friends at the same time...
No wonder we become addicts!!!

Image via Ethan Allen

I started this blog thinking I would be beginning the building process of my dream house in the near future & would be telling of the journey we take in the process. Well here we are one year later & no ground has been broken, ALTHOUGH
all is not lost. There has been plenty of research, lots of highs , lows, frustrations & uncertainty & it appears we are now ready to move forward.
We are now FINALLY ready to sit with a draughtsmen to start some plans, we are pretty certain that we will follow the owner builder path & knock this baby up ourselves( well my dream guy will anyway)
Things are moving forward, slowly but surely, perhaps the next 12 months of blogging will see a dream house break ground!!!

So thank you for being my blog friends & I hope you stick around a little longer, a dream house will come,
I promise!

Now I have to go, bloggers are posting wonderful eye candy for me to drool over....

Trish xxx

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