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Friday, September 24, 2010

Twins for the kids

I have 4 children & at the moment 2 have their very own rooms, with queen size beds & two are sharing, but when we build everyone will be fortunate enough to have their own space.
 As anyone with kids knows, as they get older they love to have friends for sleep overs.
 How do you set up for the sleep over, do you have a roll out bed under your child's bed, a blow up mattress that tucks away in the cupboard or a set of twin beds in their room?
I thought I would live the luxurious way today & opt for the twin bed scenario, some a little more glamorous then others, after all,
 Dreaming is free!!!

This one has it all, canopies, pendant lights & tufted ottomans. Don't you just love the sunburst mirror.
Oh & that wallpaper!

image via Decor Pad
More beautiful canopies. Love the hot pink with white, very fresh.

Ive used this image before, I am a HUGE fan of black & white. There are quite a few different patterns used in this bedroom but because of the monotone clolourscheme it looks more striking than busy.
Pendant lights & sunburst mirrors in combination with bed canopies appears to be a popular theme.
This bedroom screams total luxury to me.
As far as my kids are concerned this room would only be entrusted to dream child No 2. She is a clean freak who likes her room to look beautiful  & in her words she is often "Editing her space", she likes to create a picture wall using the glamorous & beautiful images that you find on the pages of vogue, especially if it has a Chanel logo. She has a great eye & very expensive tastes for a 15yr old.
Mind you she has gone out & purchased Vogue from the age of 12 just to create these picture walls.

This one is very feminine & french, fit for a princess I say!

West Village Loft modern kids

A world map feature wall is definitely one of my all time favourite design ideas. I would love to be able to do something like this in my son's bedroom, which I know he would also be very happy with.

Malibu Mediterranean mediterranean bedroom
I like this sophisticated beach style, something a little different than your usual beach decor.

twin room traditional bedroom

Another fabulous boys room, a nice restful  traditional look. Just what most small men need to unwind !
Studio EA </P>
<P>David Hertz Architects Inc. modern kids

A great way to place these beds,  still leaving plenty of floor space for a great play area & all of that fantastic under bed storage makes for an easy clean up.

Does your kids bedroom match the vision you have for the space as well as fulfil the practical requirements for their age?

Have a great Friday everyone!

Trish xx 


GeorgyG design said...

I know what you mean. My two share a room (we live in a 2 bedroom house) at the moment and are still quite young (my son is still in a cot). However my daughter who is nearly five is talking about having sleep overs as soon as we have added on extra bedrooms. Twin beds such as the ones above would be great. I love the Mediterranean one.

Kerri said...

These rooms are gorgeous Trish. It's a pity kids grow up be teenagers and have their own opinions - how inconsiderate! My girls are very different but I do like the choices they've made. As for my teenage son, well he really doesn't care that much, as long as he has his creature comforts he's pretty laid back. Oh, and as for the bed situation - if you have the space, I'd add a sofa bed in the room - that way, they can use it as a small chill-out area most times, and still have a place for friends to stay over. K xx

Sam said...

Hi Trish, I love these rooms, just beautiful. Everything in order. I have a walk in linen cupboard where I keep a single foam mattress (covered) that I purchased from Clark Rubber, this is used for sleepovers, it would probably slide under the beds too.

Signe said...

I adore that map feature wall! Have been drooling on a similar one in only beige tones but this one is great as well :)

pve design said...

Funny, my daughter has such style and she keeps asking for a "brick wall" in her bedroom. I think she secretly one day will live in a loft, be a model or something....

GoldenValley50 said...

I had such great plans and dreams for my childrens' bedrooms however they didn't share my same aspirations! One decided that he wanted to stick magazine photos of bands/guitar players all over one wall; the other decided to paint her room the most hideous shade of magenta; and the other literally turned his room into a cave like dungeon! Now they have left home I am having so much fun re-creating their spaces. Good luck with your plans. ;)Sharyne

Melissa K said...

These twin beds are just adorable! I totally agree, dreaming is free :))
Melissa xx

Paper Tree Design said...

Thanks for sharing these gorgeous images Trish. My girl's bedroom's match their age at the moment, however, I am hoping in our next house (when they will both be of that age to want sleepovers) that I can design a window seat in each room the size of a small single with storage under. This way it can do double duty - I have seen some pretty nice window seats too.
Hope you are having a great weekend. Michelle

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