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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Progress...What the!!!

I thought I was a little overdue for an update on the progress of the dream house
should I say lack of progress
We selected a builder whose work was of good quality & he was easy to deal with.
 After showing him our plans & inspiration images he assured us he had the time to build our house & it wouldn't be a problem to build to our budget...
4 months later we still have NO working plans from the architect, just a concept. Last week when we thought we would be receiving an exact costing to take to the bank, we got nothing more than an estimate cost.
This estimate also happened to be exactly 
The builder has gone on holidays for 2 weeks. No one in his nice, busy little office, is able to answer any of our questions, they are only saying "We will make an apt for you when he returns"

We just want to know
has this guy just waisted a huge chunk of our life ?
He sent us to make selections of materials, fixtures & fittings. We have designed the kitchen & bathrooms, all within the budget he allocated, so HOW can it possibly blow out by so much?

So for fear of this dragging out FOREVER we are now off to visit other builders, to get an idea as to whether or not the budget we have for this dream house is possible...
If not we will start looking at project homes to suit our sloping block

Time is ticking...
We thought our plans would be at least progressing through the building approvals department at our local council by now, instead we are still at square one!!!

The frustration!
Any way, there is no future in the past, so we will keep working on moving forward & see what results come from other builders & what answers we get from the current builder when he returns to HIS HOME after a mind clearing holiday!!!

Trish xxx

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