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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

crafty kids

 Janette at My Sweet Prints recently did a post about this fabulous blog called Filth Wizardry

Lindsey, over at Filth Wizardry is a mum to two little girls & her blog is all about  art & crafts for preschoolers & she really has some fabulous activities to keep messy little cherubs occupied.

My little girl is a 3yr old craft obsessed, mess maker & we are constantly on the look out for new things to entertain her & feed her thirst for all things creative!!

She also likes to play dress ups, dance &  she sings the whole time she is doing something crafty...possibly the happiest girl on the planet!!!

Over at Filth Wizardry  Lindsey showed us how she made a fantastic bath time craft, by cutting shapes from sheets of thin foam. I was able to purchase a pack of 6 sheets for $2 at the supermarket & we have just started out with some very basic shapes & ideas. Lindsey has an awesome range for her kids to decorate with. All you need to do is wet the foam & it  temporarily adheres to the tiles.
We didn't just reserve it for bath time, it saved me from pulling out the paint box today, which means it saved me from a messy clean up as well..Thank you Lindsey!!!

My kids had a fantastic time...

They thought I was the cleverest mum on the planet!!!

The best part is that there is no major mess to clean up...YAY!!!!

My dream guy doesn't mind getting in on the act himself & decided to put to use a few Styrofoam boxes.

He worked with the kids to make a diorama that they could play with.
 Our 7yr old son loves his army style scene & was able to play with his toy soldiers in it, don't you just love the explosion!!!

He helped our 3yr old make this under water scene & added some shells he had collected whilst fishing, she loved helping on this project....
These are an on going play item that have entertained them both many times over the past few weeks!

On the messy side of fun, we have even dabbled in a little paper mache'

We did this one in the garage as it was EXTREMELY messy, but a tonne of fun!!

 Kids craft is a huge part of our world & we are always on the look out for some great new ideas.
Where do you go for crafty fun?

Trish xxx


Janette said...

Hi Trisha, I'm so glad you liked the Filth Wizardry post it's such a fantastic blog isn't it! Wow wow wow is all I can say about those dioramas! Your kids are so cute and what great parents you are to give them all this creativity! I'll look forward to seeing more crafty posts in future :)

Janette said...

Sorry i missed typed Trish as Trisha, I'm lying in bed commenting via my iPhone. You need baby fingers to type properly :)

GeorgyG design said...

I visited Filth Wizardry too from that post but haven't put the ideas into action yet. The stuff you did looks great. I think both my kids will love to do an underwater scene, what a good idea. Thanks G

Erin said...

Who let that really big kid in too play?

Love the bathroom craft! I think I want to have a turn next time I'm over lol ;-)

shari @ little blue deer said...

That is so cool! My mum always did crafts projects with us, and those are some of my favorite memories! XX!

Melissa K said...

Those dioramas are great - how fabulous that your whole family was involved in creating these things together! :))

Lydia said...

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