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Sunday, October 21, 2012

DIY Union Jack pillow

This is my latest cushion creation!
With all of the Union Jack decor popping up everywhere I finally decided to jump on the band wagon . I made this cushion for my sons bedroom & I love it so much I thought I would share it with you......step by step....just in case you want one as well!!!
This is my first real DIY post so it may lack a little PIZAZZ but hey, everyone has to start somewhere, he he!!
My cushion is 46cm x 36cm with an envelope back.
First I cut out all of my pieces as follows:
Cushion front- Blue- 1 x 48cm x 38cm
Cushion Back- Blue- 2 x 48cm x 48cm
I allowed 2cm seam allowances all around.
Next the cutting out of all of the red & white strips, with each of these I added a seam allowance. 
Diagonal red
 strips 3cm wide x 66cm long x2 
 Wide red strips
One  8cm wide x 40cm long 
One 8cm wide x 50cm long
Diagonal white strips
7cm wide x 66cm long x 2
Wide white strips
One 10cm wide x 40cm long
One 10cm wide x 50cm long
Remember, dont forget your seam allowances on these or you will end up with very thin strips.
I folded over my seam allowances on all of these pieces & then pressed them with the iron so I got a nice crisp straight edge, I then machine stitched all of the red strips on top of all of the white strips.I used red cotton for this task so my stitching didn't become a feature it just disappeared into the red fabric.
Next attach all of these stips to the front of your cushion starting with the diagonal pieces first, matching them corner to corner.
Now stitch on your horizontal & vertical strips, I used white cotton for this job as I was stitching on the edges of the white strips.
I then trimmed the edges to neaten things up, so I had straight lines to work with when it came time to attach the front & backs of my cushion togethor. 
To make my enveope back I basiclly just hemmed the edges that would be the opening for my cushion.
I placed them facing right sides togethor on top of the cushion front matching the outside edges of the back pieces to the outside edges of the front piece & this will give you a nice overlap to make your envelope back.
Stitch around the perimeter,
 turn it in the right way,
 pop in a cushion insert
TA DA!!!
A fabulous union jack cushion.
I have some plans to make some more in other colours & I have also made some other style cushions to go with this one that I will show you in another post.
So, do you think you might like to have a go at making one for yourself?
Happy sewing everyone!
Trish xx 
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