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Saturday, October 27, 2012

A special birthday & an ADHD update

I can't believe my most favourite little man on the planet has turned 10 years old today, reaching double digits is a milestone in any kids life wouldn't you say, no longer a little kid, but not yet a teenager...a tween!!!
Now for those of you that have followed my blog for a while know that this gorgeous little man has not come without challenges as he has ADHD ( attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) or if you want to simplify it a little, cheeky, annoying, obnoxious,aggressive, demanding ,challenging & difficult in general,lucky we love him bucket loads, no seriously there are lots of good qualities in this little bombshell as well!!
If your interested in catching up on our ADHD story you can read this post
here it tells our story of where we were a year ago. I have just re read it myself & it made me cry, you really do forget how things were once you move past that time in your life.
It was recommended by the psychologist that we get to a paediatrician & get our child onto a good dose of Ritalin,I wasn't keen to go down this path & thankfully we haven't had to. Through the help of our fantastic naturopath I can proudly say this little guy is now like a regular average "obnoxious" long as we keep him on the right diet...avoiding wheat, dairy & additives 102 & 211 where ever possible, we basically try to avoid processed foods. We continue to take the herbal supplements prescribed by the naturopath each month & after a 9month wait we finally got the call from the paediatricians office to schedule an appointment. I was able to say "Thanks but no thanks, we are doing just fine! "
We have moved him to a new school this year & I didn't feel it necessary to notify them of the ADHD as he was definitely a different kid. I didn't want him to be labelled as a problem child from day one, I wanted to see how he was judged by his current behavior.
 Well we got his half yearly report which by the way left me "gobsmacked", it was EXCELLENT!!! The first positive school report ever. I attended a parent/teacher interview & couldn't believe my ears, my eyes where filled with tears which I was furiously blinking away, I mean really, WHO crys at a routine interview with the teacher.Any way, at this point I decided to tell her our secret, she was amazed at how easy he is to get along with, but did say that it explains his boastfullness, he he he!!
So to finish this long but proud mummy post. I now have on my hands a beautiful, happy, loving boy with a wicked sense of humour, that I am proud to take any where I go & family life is so much nicer for all of us.
Now I'm not suggesting that this approach will be effective for all kids with ADHD but its definitely worth giving it a try, what harm can eating a really healthy diet do!!
Happy birthday my gorgeous boy, now lets go have some fun!!!
Trish xxx

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