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Sunday, January 22, 2012

My week

I have been a slack blogger this week & with NO real excuse other than I just didn't get around to it.

I have however taken the photo's for the two weekly photography challenges I have been participating in & I have also been staying true to my other new years goal of exercising consistently.

Now the theme for week 3's photo challenge over at

is "hands"

 The whole idea of this 52 week challenge is to slow down & notice the everyday things around you, so I chose to photograph Dream child No4's hands

She starts school in 10 days time & I am all to aware of how quickly she is growing up...

all those little dimples that she has instead of knuckles will disappear & her hands will transform into big kid hands, just like the rest of her body. She has really slimmed down & sprouted up this past year, she has lost all of that cute baby pudge that I love...

We call her our little "merbaby" because she will swim ALL day if you let her...

gotta love those dimples!

I really will miss hanging out with my little best friend all day, everyday, but I know she is just going to luuuurve school, she really is a little sponge, she uses words like "brilliant, fabulous, wonderful, awesome & delicious" in her everyday conversation & its so cute. I can't wait until she can write a story with this large vocabulary, I think it will be "Fabulous!"

project 52 p52

Now the theme for week 3 over at Life with my 3 boybarians is

"I dreamed a dream"

I found this one rather difficult, which is why its called a challenge, he he he.
 I have many dreams, first & foremost obviously to build a house, but, how DO you photograph these things?

One dream I do have is to eventually travel.

I would love to travel around Australia first, you know, see my own back yard.
Australia has so many incredibly beautiful places to explore...

Once my kids are all older I would really love to travel overseas as well.
 I want to see some of the iconic cities of the world, like New York, Paris & London.
I would  like to experience Gallipoli on Anzac Day&I would also like to  learn to scuba dive enabling me take in some tropical island underwater scenery.

So what better way to capture this dream than with a world globe & a destination sign.

Do you have a fabulous dream?
Could you photograph it?

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Trish xxx

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