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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Progress on the dream house

We have had several meetings over the last couple of weeks with our architect & I have to say THIS time around all is going perfectly.
The guy we are working with has been fantastic to deal with & a wealth of knowledge.
 He has offered us some simple & very practical solutions to things we had been unsure of, as well as being very conscious of our budget.


We are both extremely happy with his work, I haven't asked him yet if I can give him a plug on my blog, but I will be sure to reveal his identity as soon as I have his blessing

So we have a rough draft of our house & now the changes are being made. Everyone is holding their breath, that I wont have any new ideas between now & then, he he he!!
Best to speak up now while its just lines on paper, I say!!!

So, let the fun begin.....
Now for the hic cup....we still need to sell our old house in Lithgow to get the actual building process underway,
if anyone needs a gorgeous home in the Blue Mountains
We had 3/4 moved out when we decided to put it up for sale, so the photos are a little sad, unfortunately!

Hows your plans going for your projects?

Trish xxx

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