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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A chilly Date

Mydream guy & I like to get out at least once a month for an evening without the kids.
I like to call it date night!!
Most of the time we go out for a lovely dinner & often end up finishing the evening off by heading up to the shed on our block of land, lighting a fire in the chiminea & having a few drinks. Its always very peaceful & a good chance to chat, uninterrupted!!!

This time we decided to go to Stockton Beach & as you can see, it was a cold stormy afternoon &
was around.

I took my camera so I could experiment with my photography.
 Stockton has lots of sand dunes, which are fantastic for 4wd adventures & sand boarding. It is one of Australia's longest beaches, stretching from Newcastle to Port Stephens, approx 30kms long if my memory serves me well.

Ive been learning lots of photography tricks from various blogs & web sites. This pic was done by experimenting with my shutter speed.

The Signa wreck is great for taking photo's of, my dream guy has taken some great pics here on nice sunny days

He took his fishing gear along to occupy himself, but the wind was to strong & the surf to rough to even get a bite!

He has a great set up for the back of his ute to make the whole experience fun...

This a photo looking thru the rear vision mirror on the ute.

Sunset is always pretty at Stockton Beach

We soon tired of the wind & decided to relocate, so we ventured into Newcastle harbour.

This is a picture of one of the numerous coal loaders, filling a ship at Walsh Point in Newcastle harbour. It is a huge industrial port.

These 2 pictures are of the same coal loader. I cant remember what they call this abstract style of photography
but, basically its just a long exposure & you move the camera around in all different directions for this fun effect!!!

All in all, we had a lovely relaxing evening, I took lots of photo's, experimenting with my aperture, shutter speed, white balnce & ISO settings. I have learn't so much about photography in the six months I have owned my camera & i cant wait to learn more! 
Even though my dream guy went home empty handed, he did have a story to tell about the one that got away, like a true fisherman always does, LOL!!!

Do you & your husband/partner have date nights ?

Trish xxx

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