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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Television Taboo

Master Bedroom traditional bedroom

I love how this TV is recessed into the wall, minimising its impact on the room.

Do you have a TV  in your bedroom?
 Its okay if you don't want to tell us, after all, it's certainly NOT a stylish design feature & apparently the dreaded black box messes with your sleep patterns.
This might explain MY poor sleeping habits as we could,nt live without one in our master bedroom. The dream guy & I have very different sleeping habits, so he will watch TV well into the night, whilst I rack up a fews zzzzz's & when he is on night shift I use it to drown out the little sounds that spook me in the night. I am a big fraidy cat!

Image via DIY Show off
Building a frame around your TV to make it look more like a piece of art certainly helps to reduce it visual impact on the room

I don't recall where I found this image, but  you can purchase a system like this where your favourite piece of art is mounted to a mechanical device that lifts up to reveal a TV that is recessed into the wall.

Another perfectly framed black box....

This one really does look classy....

The rest of this room is so stunning, I think you could have built a monkeys cage into the ever so stylish cabinetry & no one would care.

Do you have a television in the bedroom?
 Is it just cluttering up your tall boy like mine, or have you put the time into making it a stylish, yet somewhat camouflaged feature in your master suite or dare I say boudoir?
I have some wonderful plans for the TV in the master bedroom of my dream house....ssshhhh...don't tell my dream guy, I don't want to scare him, LOL, my ideas list that requires is fabulous handiwork is growing by the minute!!!

Trish xxx

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