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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New blog on the block

I would love to share with everyone a wonderful & inspirational new blog that I think you really need to take a peek at

Now I may be a little biased as this brand new entry in the addictive world of blogging is written by my very own "big sister"

I'm amazed & excited at the same time that Deb has started her blog & feel its another one of those things she does that makes me feel "lazy"

If you looked in the dictionary for the definition of a "super woman" her picture would pop up!

She holds down a full time job, I cant tell you her title as its to long to remember, but she is pretty important there, along with her partner they own a working farm which is a full time job in itself, she has several university degrees that she studied through distant education & is currently studying some more, hence the important job, then there's the bookwork for the farm & the MOTH's welding business, he also has a full time job, she takes amazing photo's & sells them on Red Bubble, you can take a peek at her work here

Deb is a fabulous cook & loves to create her own recipes, which she plans to share on her blog & to top it all off she is also a mum to a beautiful little princess that started school this week.

See why she makes me feel lazy, but very proud at the same time!!!

Pop on over & meet her, she would love to say Hi!

Trish xxx

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