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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New blog on the block

I would love to share with everyone a wonderful & inspirational new blog that I think you really need to take a peek at

Now I may be a little biased as this brand new entry in the addictive world of blogging is written by my very own "big sister"

I'm amazed & excited at the same time that Deb has started her blog & feel its another one of those things she does that makes me feel "lazy"

If you looked in the dictionary for the definition of a "super woman" her picture would pop up!

She holds down a full time job, I cant tell you her title as its to long to remember, but she is pretty important there, along with her partner they own a working farm which is a full time job in itself, she has several university degrees that she studied through distant education & is currently studying some more, hence the important job, then there's the bookwork for the farm & the MOTH's welding business, he also has a full time job, she takes amazing photo's & sells them on Red Bubble, you can take a peek at her work here

Deb is a fabulous cook & loves to create her own recipes, which she plans to share on her blog & to top it all off she is also a mum to a beautiful little princess that started school this week.

See why she makes me feel lazy, but very proud at the same time!!!

Pop on over & meet her, she would love to say Hi!

Trish xxx


Betty and Roxy said...

Hiya, I have just found your blog...I will be staying tuned, and I will definatley pop over and have a look at your sisters photographs!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, you have the picture of me taking a picture of Dreamchild No. 1 (or Dream Niece) and her taking one of my. I love it. And I love your extremely wonderful comments. Although, I think you're pretty awesome yourself. You've done some extremely amazing things, and being a Mum to 4 is just the tip of the iceberg.

Thanks heaps and thanks for introducing me to the world of blogging.

Love ya.XXX.

Erin said...

Is it acceptable to sit back and bask in the glow of both of your beautiful sisters talents? lol!

I have a small obsession with reading both of your blogs, your both doing an amazing job!


Trish said...

Awww, don't ya just love a little sisterly love!!!

Tara said...

Heading over there now Trish..Lazy...I don't think so!!!!...xx

Georgy said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful sister but from reading your blog I wouldn't say you are lazy. Four children for starters! I pop over and look at your sisters blog. Gx

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