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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Progress Update

I can imagine by now everyone is wondering just where we are up to on the "Dream House", well its still just that at this point, a dream!!!
For all of my lovely new followers, our dream house got put on hold as the quotes we got to build it ended up being A LOT over budget. After lots of thinking & planning we decided we couldn't abandon our house plans & have opted to sell our investment properties to fund the short fall.
We listed them with the real estate in late November ( bad time of the year to try & sell a house) but hopefully something positive will come our way soon, fingers crossed!!!

My dream guy has however been working adding a driveway from his shed up to street level,one slab at a time. He has done 3 segments over the holidays & has many more to go!
 Next will be some fences & planting a few trees, we feel we might as well get a few things done while we wait.

Dream child no3 is his right hand man on the job & he really does work hard

Daddy's little girl likes to think she helps, but thankfully is bored within 30 seconds & retires to something far more interesting, like....

feeding her face, he he he!!!!

this is all that's left to do
another 40 metres until he reaches the top!!

Once a we off load a little real estate we will be able to rev this baby up & start digging a house site

so we can enjoy this view from our back verandah EVERY day

or perhaps we might sit on the front verandah & enjoy this one.
Oh it will be lovely to have choices!

So I need everyone to start thinking "handy house sales for Trish" & perhaps the real estate fairies will shine on me & end this frustration of living in limbo...ARGH!!!!

What sort of projects have you got going on at your place?

Trish xxx

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