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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Oversized Mirrors

Lately I have developed a love for over sized mirrors as a statement piece!


image via decor Pad

image via the vintage farmhouse

image via Michael Partenio

Image via Things That Inspire

Image via Loyd Ralph design

Image via Decor Pad

Image via Brabourne farm

As you can see, they are at home in any room of the house & look fabulous in any style.
An over sized mirror can make a room appear larger, help bounce light around a dark area in the home, or reflect a beautiful view.

Do you have one in your home & what purpose does it serve, perhaps its just a striking statement piece, mirrors are a fabulous replacement for art!!!

Trish xxx


laura said...

Hi sweet trish,
I really looooove that dressing room! just gorgeous! would swap it for my tiny walk in robe any time!!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
laura xx

lisa said...

wow me same........i have just bought one on thursday and have to wait 2 weeks for it to be painted....will post once it arrives (you have great taste trish) have a great week lisa xx

Jenny said...

Love the over-sized mirrors. My sister has one in her bedroom and it looks great. ;-)

Samantha @ Black Velvet Chair said...

Looks great lent up against the wall

chair up said...

We now share a love of clocks AND oversized mirrors Trish! I passed one up on ebay last night. It was 2 metres tall and sold for $70!! I need to sell a few projects and get a bit more cash in the coffers so I don't miss out again.
Gorgeous post, love it.

Mimi said...

Love oversized mirrors Trish, they certainly do make a beautiful statement! Mimi x

Leigha said...

Oh, how I love over-sized mirrors. I am craving one in my dining room...great inspiration!


Julie-Ann said...

I love the oversized mirrors but I haven't been able to convince hubby yet they we should have one:(. You can buy some reasonably priced large mirrors from Ikea- got to love a bargain:).

Malibu landscape lighting said...

Oooh, you’re such an inspiration. I love this blog!

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