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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Be safe Queenslanders

Just a quick post to wish all of the flood affected families in QLD all the best. I can only imagine how terrifying & devastating it has been.
I have family & friends around Brisbane & the Sunshine coast & thankfully they are all safe & dry at this point although they are bracing themselves for whats to come.
The devastation isn't over yet & the clean up afterwards will be an ENORMOUS task.
Hats off to the rescue workers, police, medical personnel & volunteers that are all helping to save lives property & infrastructure in our sunshine state.

Come on Mother Nature 75% of the state of Queensland has been declared a disaster zone, enough is enough!

There are some wonderful fundraising efforts going on all over blog land & even in Woolworth's you can make a donation whilst at the checkout paying for your groceries.

On the other side of our so called lucky country we have fires burning in Western Australia, apparently they have been deliberately lit, Mmmmmm, what can you say about that!!!

To much hardship for one little country, lucky we are strong, after all we are often called 
" little Aussie battlers"
 I guess that nick name will ring true now more than ever!

Thinking of you all

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