Come on a journey of inspiration & adventure while renovate & restore a beautiful Victorian home 'St Elmo' in the picturesque Hunter Valley, Australia & laugh at a few of our family adventures along the way.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

House Tour

Welcome to the first tour of our home
'St Elmo'
This is what we saw for our first inspection with the real estate.

It looks a whole lot different now just because we have our furniture in, but there is so so much change to come.
The house needs to be re piered first,  so we will work our way through one room at a time.
It really will be a five year project but I will style & decorate as best I can, on a limited budget to make it feel like our home. Realistically our funds are best spent on the major reno's rather than decorator items, BUUUUT, I have waited a long time for this, so I may not be able to help myself at times, he he he!
So watch this space for further developments.

Trish xx

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