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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Giving your home a lift with fresh flowers

I really do think fresh flowers will give a lift to any room in any home.
Whether it is in a vase, jug or mason jar you can create a great centre piece on your dining table, liven up your kitchen bench or a small fresh posie on your bedside table to greet you in the morning is always nice.

Our house is pretty run down & in need of some major work

but I still take great pleasure in dressing it up where ever I can.
Its also nice to breathe in the scent of beautiful flowers when you walk in  the room.
It feels very luxurious & creates a really relaxing atmosphere to have a beautiful bunch of flowers & be burning a scented candle of an evening.

I have been fortunate enough to have been able to make the most of the over abundant supply of flowers growing in the cottage garden planted by the previous owners of the house.

We have however, pulled out most of that garden over the last couple of weeks to give the home a tidier, more formal finish.  It was all very over grown & not how we envision the house to look once finished.

We have maintained or relocated quite a few of the plants & we will introduce more of the things we love over time,  but that's a whole other post with before & after pics...
we all love a good before & after story!

I do apologise for the quality of my photo's as they are just iPhone pics, meant more for a quick instagram update. I must put more focus on getting out my DSLR & taking pics specifically for my blog this year.

Every girl has to have something pretty to look at even if her husband is ripping up her floor or jacking up piers & cracking the plaster walls, wouldn't you agree!

Do you have flowers around the house?

I am thinking now that my supply is limited I may need to invest in some indoor plants & try a little greenery.
What do you think?

Trish xx

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