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Friday, January 24, 2014

TGIF...I think Fridays are fabulous.

Oh yeah, you gotta love the idea of Fridays.
For us Monday to Friday employee's there is always a little smile on Friday mornings, even perhaps a sigh, followed by a small statement of "I'm gonna make it!!"
or is that just me?

Not that I can complain at the moment, I have had most of these holidays off to spend time with my kids & set up my new business.

A day out at the shops & a huge sugary treat. I don't think they would see an apple as a reward for great behavior,donuts it is....
ha ha ha!

If you are new to this little blog I should update you.
My job as a new home sales consultant & home designer will finish up, probably by the end of February so I have decided to start my own online business selling home wares.

This is my office, its very pretty!!!

I am hoping that working for myself will be a little more family friendly than a 45 hour a week desk job.
I have only been open for business for about 3 weeks, so its early days yet but my intention is to be able to cater to an array of decorating styles like The Hampton's, Coastal, Nautical, Traditional, Moroccan,  Shabby chic etc.

It is a work in progress, baby steps all the way.
Today is the last day of my GRAND OPENING sale, so to all of my Aussie readers, grab a bargain while you can.
I am not set up for international sales as yet. That will be a whole other learning curve to tackle in the future.

I am looking to purchase some new stock to add to my current range, so I am open to advice, suggestions & requests right now.
My wish list is very long & its hard to restrain myself from stocking everything I love but as you can imagine I do have to build a good customer base before I go nuts.
I am so grateful for the support I have gained already, its fantastic.
Our Facebook page is also growing momentum every day.

What is everyone up to this weekend?

We will be working on the 'house hole' which I will give you an update on in a few days.

Have a fantastic Friday everyone!!!

Trish xx

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