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Sunday, January 5, 2014


Its the word that sums up the year ahead of us here at 
'Dream House for Trish'

Challenge No 1
Building the dream house as owner builders,
This is the progress so far, just a hole in the ground which has been affectionately called
"The house hole"

One day it will look more like this!!!

Challenge No 2

As some of  you know we are starting our own online home wares store.
I know there are lots of them around but I need to create an income that works around my kids & my shift working, house building husband so I will be working very hard to build a store lots of people love.
At this point we are just a face book page while lots of work is going on in the background on a website for us to go live.
I have some stock ready to go, just  finalising the details on the website now.
Drop by for a sneak peek if you like, feel free to like our page & share the word. Any assistance to get our name out would be greatly appreciated, just as much as any advice, product recommendations or wholesaler recomendations.

Just a few of the stylish items we are going to sell.

Challenge No 3

Last year I did a 12 week transformation Challenge & while I was pretty happy with the results I achieved I still have a few more goals to kick, so as of Jan 13th I am embarking on another 12 week challenge.
The photo above is 12 weeks of hard work, I lost a mere 4 kg but over 40 cm. I learnt how to get back to eating clean & training hard.
I had really let myself get very unhealthy over the past few years & actually got back into fitness at the dream guy's suggestion as a way to manage my stress. It was the best thing I ever did. I am certainly a happier girl & have so much more energy as well.
This time around I am starting with a reasonable level of fitness & a bunch of healthy habits so it wont be as big a shock to the system.

Don't you just love the difference a spray tan makes." If you can't tone it, then tan it!" is what my spray tan lady always say's.
I'm sure there is  a more specific title than spray tan lady, perhaps Tan Technician. I do apologise for my ignorance.I get my tan done by my massage therapist & she is awesome in both roles.

Challenge No 4

Staying on top of homework & school commitments.
I really hate homework time.

Of course everyday living as a wife & mother brings about its own challenges & I am hoping to tackle them all with gusto!!!

What challenges do you have ahead of you?
Do you have a word that sums up the year ahead?

Happy 2014 everyone.

Trish xxx

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