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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Problem solved

Thank you all of my lovely commenter's who gave me some great advice on my inability to leave comments on any blogs.
I have to wonder why you can cruise along problem free & then all of a sudden things just don't work any more. This drives me a little nuts, but I guess each time I experience these inconvenient little glitches, I learn something new in order to fix it!!!

Image via porch light interiors

So the cure was to enable third party cookies.
I did this by clicking on
 "TOOLS" up on the tool bar.
Scroll down & select
then push the dial down until it says
"Accept All Cookies"

I use Internet explorer & this has worked for me.

I would love to say I'm off to enjoy this fabulous pool, but....... dreaming is free, he he he!!!!

I am off to check out a few blogs & leave a comment tho....YAY!!!

Trish xxx

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