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Friday, June 3, 2011

Bloggy manners

You know even though I am a crazy obsessed blogger, I really don't have very good computer skills.
I love when I receive an email after leaving a comment on someones latest post, I don't know about you, but, this really does make me feel wanted & that my time & interest have been appreciated.

Image via Apartment Therapy

Now I didn't know how to do this without making it a labor intensive task & lets face it, I want to read everyone's posts, not spend forever tracking down email addresses, then ....
along comes the very clever Jane over at
Mind you, Jane posted this fabulous tutorial back in February & I have only just gotten around to implementing it.
SO from here on in I  can have lovely bloggy manners & shoot you back a little email, answering any questions you may have & returning the luuuurrrrrve!!!!!

Image via Mark Burstyn Photography

Thank you Thank you Thank you Jane, these flowers are for you because I know life at Planet baby is preeeeetttttty hectic right now!!!

Jane has a fabulous blog telling of her adventures with her 3 beautiful pixies in Tasmania Australia, she inspires, educates & brings us readers lots of smiles with her wonderfully honest & witty posts,if your not already a planetarium you will be after your first visit.

I cant remember where I got this image from but I thought a giant clock was a great representation of how I take my sweet time getting around to things, LOL!!!

So are you using follow up emails for the lovely readers that leave comments?

Do you think its good bloggy manners or it doesn't bother you either way?

I'd love to hear what you think!

Trish xxx
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