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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Birthday Bash times two

Ive been a very neglectful blogger this week & I'm very sorry!
Life has been kind of hectic here of late & when I haven't been crazy busy Ive been exhausted instead!!

As you know I recently turned 40, so I had a little party to celebrate & then a week later we had another party for dream child no.4 to celebrate her 4th birthday.
Two parties one week apart for over 30 people each time turned out to be an enormous task.
Not to mention a real estate inspection to ensure I keep this rental we live in in tip top shape.
Then there where the parent teacher interviews for all 4 of my children, I got to sit down with 11 different teachers across 3 different schools.
 Thankfully it was all pretty good. YAY!!!
 We have done an Easter hat parade at pre school & several doctor, dental & orthodontist appointments. Now it is the school holidays I can breathe a small sigh of relief...Ahhhhh!!!!
Any way on with the party pics....

This is me, last on the right, with my 2 sisters & brother at my 40th. I didn't take any food snaps or table scape pics, but I did have fun all the same. This party carried on until 6am the next morning, we did alot of dancing, which my sister has some fabulous action shots from our version of the nut bush, but "What happens at the party, stays at the party" LOL!!!

My sweet little birthday girl, she did have a lovely party dress on at the start of the afternoon, but, she was given new clothes in her first gift & promptly changed into them!!

I made a pile of these lovely tissue paper pom poms & because none of my party goers had seen them before everyone thought I was AMAZINGLY clever, hehehe!!

We had lovely little cup & saucers made from tic toc biscuits, marshmallows, 1/2 a musk lifesaver & a choc freckle, very cute & delicious as well.
( Not sure what happened to this photo when I uploaded it but it went a little wrong...ooops!)

nothing beats a mars bar car, these little chocolate treats are always the first to be devoured.

We had a cup cake stand for the cake & as I was pushed for time I let my kids do the decorating, they had heaps of fun & no two cup cakes looked alike.

Thanks again to fellow bloggers I was able to WOW my guests with cake pops, easy to make & a fantastic way for kids to eat cake. My 2yr old nephew enjoyed them so much he ate 4 before his mum had to say no more!!!

& this was our cup cake tower with a giant cup cake on top. The birthday girl loved it!

I have been sewing cushions & purchasing a few things to jazz up my house of late, but, that's for another post.
Have a lovely Sunday everyone & sorry for the neglect, shall be popping in to visit you all soon.

Trish xxx
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