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Monday, April 6, 2015

Improving on my photography skills

There is nothing I admire more than the ability to capture beautiful photos.Whether it be a family snap, landscape, pet photography , macro shot or a stunning sunset, I really do dream of being able to capture beautiful photos of the people & things around me.
I recently got a new lens for my camera, it is a Tamron 16-300mm, so very versatile , in fact I haven't taken it off my camera since I got it for my birthday 3 weeks ago.

I really shopped around on price & with delivery it cost around $700 which for me is a huge investment at the moment. 

If you want to know more about this lens you can read all about it here
As an entry level photographer with a small budget for gear I highly recommend this one. I am more than happy with the quality of the photos I am getting.

I have challenged myself to be able to perfect using my camera in manual mode, to use it to its full potential rather than cruising by on auto. I try to take a few photos each day,of different things or in different lighting situations, adjusting all of my settings to suit & hopefully it will all become second nature before I know it.

This old guy is always willing to pose for me.

The moon had this odd halo around it the other night & go figure it showed up well in my photo.

A little experimenting with my vintage typewriter

I am super happy with these beautiful frangipani photos, they have such stunning colour.

Now I used the full zoom capability to capture these spiders & it still felt creepy.

My gorgeous little nephew is learning to crawl, he tries ever so hard but doesn't get anywhere just yet.

and I saved my favourite for last. My baby turned 8 this weekend, my how time flies!!

So that's my current obsession & creative pursuit at the moment. If you have any tips, tutorials, or constructive criticism I would love to hear it. Maybe one day I will put some energy into learning how to use photo shop & do some fancy editing. In the meantime I will practice practice practice!!!

Trish xx

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