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Monday, March 24, 2014

Gumball Pouffe.... The latest must have accessory.

If you're loving everything interior design at the moment than you are no stranger to the fact that a lot of what we are seeing  in home decor is all about the hand made look.

This image is the perfect example with the very natural log style coffee table giving that feeling that you could pop out the back & make one for yourself....well not me, but definitely an easy task for the Dream Guy!

These fantastic Gumball Pouffes that we are seeing EVERYWHERE at the moment certainly give the impression that you have spent a rainy day on the couch with a giant set of knitting needles.

Image via Nummy Nims

Ha ha ha, now they are HUGE knitting needles

The Gumball Pouffes are a fantastic way to add a POP of colour to any room but still have a practical use.

They look great in pairs....

I love the idea of them in a Nursery, they just seem soft cosy &... well, appropriate for a gentle look in a babies space wouldn't you agree?

Looking around the Internet the neutral colours appear to be the most popular with black grey & taupe popping up everywhere.

They really are great for adding texture & softness to a space, especially in the very popular soft industrial look where there is a real emphasis on concretes, timber, metal finishes & handmade.

If you are loving the look of a Gumball Pouffe & its a MUST HAVE for your home then pop by
We are currently taking orders for them & delivery is FREE
We do only deliver in Australia so my apologies to my overseas friends

They are a 100% cotton weave with a long lasting polyester fibre fill.

What is your favourite colour, I love the Charcoal & Navy myself.

Have a fantastic week everyone.

Trish xxx

All images via HOUZZ

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