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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Decorating in Blue & White

Im loving all of the blue & white ginger jars, plates bowl & lamps everyone is using in their vignettes of late.
This is a true classic style when it comes to decorating, a trend that never fades.
Its definately nothing new & i certainly don't beleive its ever going to be old or
"so last year!"
Adding a few pieces of coral or a beautiful but sizeable sea shell gives a stylish coastal theme

Add some flowers & you can completey change the look again
I especially love orchids for a more formal style
Shabby chic anyone.....

Whether you are looking for an oriental style pattern


or a simple floral design, the end result is still the same....beautiful!!
Cup of tea anyone ?
As you can see, this is a very versatile decorating style that gives you the option of changing up your decor depending on the look & feel you are after
Coastal, country, formal or casual.
I will definately be seeking the perfect pieces for the dream house decor when it comes time to do the fun stuff....decorating!!!!
Do you have a fabulous blue & white ginger jar or an orchid in a planter pot, a tea pot would make a fabulous addition, don't you think ????
All images are souced from Pinterest
Trish xxx

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