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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Exterior Style

The Dream house plans are in full swing right now, lots of finalising of ideas & getting enough quotes to satisfy the bank.
When you decide to be an owner builder the banks want to know every last detail, they take your plans & quotes & hand them to an estimator who then determines whether or not you really can build that home for that amount of money.
I know this is a very poor quality pic of the elevations of our home, but it gives the general idea.
We have a long straight homestead style front verandah with a portico at the entrance as a feature & out the back we have a nice big back verandah/ alfresco area that extends out from the house, similar to the one in the image below.

Pinned Image
These are just some of the images we are using as ideas to achieve our end result.
We love white post & rails, upstairs we will have a painted white bead board style ceiling & downstairs we plan to do the same only stain the timber.
This stair case is exactly what we need!
Pinned Image
Love these posts & we will have timber on the front verandah
Pinned Image
We would like some stone features like this & will have to tile the upstairs back verandah for water proofing otherwise it would leak into the downstairs area....
now that wouldn't be much fun, he he he!!!
Pinned Image
A very welcome entrance, wouldn't you agree...
Pinned Image
We have so many ideas & I have to say pinterest has been a fabulous tool for the dream guy & I to gather images & tutorials & ensure we are on the same wave length.
He has become addicted to my pinterest boards.
If you start seeing tools, boats & fishing gear popping up on my pinterest then you know the dream guy as hijacked my boards, ha ha ha :)
If you would like to see more of what has us inspired then stop by my
What do you think of our ideas so far?
Now don't forget I am keen for your thoughts, ideas & suggestions!
Have a fantastic weekend everyone.
Trish xxx
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