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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mining tour

Ive been pretty focused on fashion of late & this is definitely not one of my regular out fits.
My husband works as an electrician in an underground coal mine & recently took me on a tour underground.
I got to wear gumboots, safety glasses, a hard hat & a self rescuer(in case I needed oxygen to escape the mine)
You cant take electronic devices underground so I dont have any other pics to share.
I thought I might be a bit scared but surprisingly I wasn't.
It was very interesting seeing the whole process & checking out some of the machinery they use, now I know what the dream guy is talking about when he is telling me about his day!!!

All in all, if the opportunity arose, I would highly recommend you take a tour, you will have a new appreciation for the danger our miners face & the fact that they are willing to get so dirty to earn a wage

Have you ever been in an underground mine?

Trish xxx


MrsKT said...

Yes Trish, I have been underground when I worked at Angus Place! I am glad I went, I have a lot of respect for the men who go into the coal mines every day. I wasn't scared but certainly am not in a hurry to ever go back down there!!

Unknown said...

Wow, what an oppertunity. Scary and exciting. Take care.

Beautiful House said...

What an adventure Trish, I have never been in a mine.x

Ez said...

Marty has been telling me for 4 years now that he'll take me down there....I'll get there one day I'm sure...

BTW nice fluero is in at the moment ;-)


Belle Inspirations said...

Trish, thankyou so much for your lovely comments yesterday, they warmed my heart and lifted my soul and for that I THANKYOU you're an angel xx

Raisa @ Endless Wardrobe said...

Haven't yet but do they allow some photos to be taken? Would love to see what it's like!

Raisa @ Endless Wardrobe

Nischa said...

Definately the most stylish I have ever seen you Trish! :-D

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