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Monday, July 23, 2012

Day beds for dreaming

I love seeing a daybed incorporated into a homes decor, makes me want to stretch out a few walls in this "wee" little rental we are living in just to indulge my daybed fantasies...

Source Desire to Inspire

 Back to reality Trishy!!
 I was just fantasising that this  room was in my house & I was relaxing here with a glass of bubbles, aaaahhhh!!!

Source Pinterest

There are so many styles of daybed around, formal, casual, practical, indoor or outdoor. Something to suit any home & budget.
Backless daybeds are great for adding extra seating & although they don't take don't take up much visual space you really would need a large room to accommodate one.
Ashford Associates mediterranean living room
This classic style is timeless & very inviting.

Source decorpad

How awesome does this one look with all the built ins surrounding it.
 A fabulous addition to any child's room or even a guest bedroom.
 A quick change of fabric choice & trim colour on the window dressings & the whole look is transformed.
 Now thats perfect for people like me that can never make a long term commitment to any colour!!!

Source Houzz

Dream child No2  always dreamt of a bed just like this as she was growing up & unfortunately never got to own one, now she is about to turn 17 & has been designing a large round bed, but has yet to convince the dream guy to build it for her !

Source Pinterest

Oh the storage, sweet sweet storage, no trouble for the kids to pack up the mess in this toy room.

Source Pinterest
And back to the fantasy.

Anyone care to join me???

Trish xxx


Unknown said...

Prepare the mojitos - we're on the way!

Ez said...

I would LOVE a great big day bed in a big window to sit and score over blogs on the iPad...or just drink bubbles with you!! x

Anonymous said...

Loved looking through your blog. I am coming to live with you in your dream house. Just like I told you today I would. Or maybe you might just have to help style mine when I actually dream it up. :-)

KL said...

Mmmm...Trish, Dreaming of same; although the TIME to enjoy such a spot is higher on my 'wish list'!
x KL

Beautiful House said...

Oh yes, wait for me, I'll bring the bubbles.x

Tara said...

Oh,I'd love to have a day bed,soooo dreamy
Have you entered my giveaway?..xx

Raisa @ Endless Wardrobe said...

With day beds that comfortable, will be glad to join you anytime!

Paula said...

Oh, definitely Trish! I just love the idea of having a comfy place where you can lie down in as many rooms as possible. Lovely shots and thanks for your kind words xx

RosieRose said...

Day Bed/Chaise Longue? There is definitely not enough lounging in my life.... and also if some cute buffed man could feed me grapes while lounging...... Wake Up Wake....sorry about that must have dozed off!!!!

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